Shrinking Economy

Over the last five years I had been looking for a solid way to make changes to my life in order to keep up with the shrinking economy. Now I hadn’t had a computer long enough to say that was where the answers lay but in the back of my mind I knew that was the direction things were pointing.

I’d heard stories of the success people were getting from online business opportunities. I had the desire to have just some of that so I started one. I got no results. I tried another still nothing. Then another, I think you get the picture, yep you guessed it no results.

Why was this not working for me? My in box was filling up with all these offers. I would click, check it out and delete. They were all starting to look the same. I had had enough of the promises. I was ready to give up.

I was on information overload! Way too much coming at me all at once! I finally found the one that I could understand. It was what I had been searching for. It had everything to get a business up and producing results. All it needed was me to get things set up and start marketing.

It’s like football, after all those guys tackle you and then you finally crawl out, you get the chance to play the game and run with the ball to make that first touchdown! You never feel the same, you want to repeat it over and over.


About ocean56

Passionate about much on this beautiful planet we call home. I care about nature. I care about the plight of our world, wars and other such disastrous things. Most of all I care about people and the good they all could offer. We each have a gift, it just takes unleashing the power you own. We can change our situations around if we apply it.
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