How I Became Dead ( the short version)

I was not a Dead Head …yet…or so I thought. I was married and working for my husbands boss as a home care giver for his mom (the bosses mom). The boss, Jim Winfield I think was his name, had two daughter’s one was cool and…well.. the other…was…a bad girl! (I’m being nice.) The nice one played bass and was into metal. She had a good collection of LP’s. She had no use how ever for the Grateful Dead, Wake of the Flood one so she asked me if I wanted it.I said Grateful Dead…LOL…I don’t have any of them…sure, O.K.

Years later, when I was no longer married, my boyfriend and I had moved in together and there it was for the first time. That Blues for Allah plack he had got at a yard sale so many years ago. He had been to see the Dead, but never connected with being a Dead Head.

Still a couple more years pass and met up with people who thought we were Dead Heads because of a sticker on the V.W. van he had, but no we were still just hard rock…we thought. They tuned us in, turned us on and we tripped to the DEAD LIVE ALL NIGHT LONG!!! I was so hooked and wondered where the hell I had been???

I was after all…shall I say it…yes, you guessed it a Dead Head all along! Nothing like coming home! 88, it took me till88 to realize I was a Dead Head, but I could not be happier. Tried for a miracle ticket at Long Beach late in 88. First show would not come till 89 though.

Mail order tickets are grate! When they got there they had…yep that guy from Blues for Allah on them. That’s twice. Hum…a pattern starting to form. Then there it was on another V.W. It started following me everywhere. I could not turn a corner without seeing that Fiddle Guy, that Blues for Allah dude was trying to tell me something.

So I’m thinking now I must really be part of the family, but I fiddled around and almost missed Jerry! That is what I got from it. Do you think there is another explanation I might of missed or does it sound right on track to you?

How does this tie into marketing you may ask? Well, the way I  see it, it’s plain to see if something keeps following you and hounding you that long, you better pay attention. It just might be the break you’ve been looking for all along.

signed, a Grateful to be Dead fan


About ocean56

Passionate about much on this beautiful planet we call home. I care about nature. I care about the plight of our world, wars and other such disastrous things. Most of all I care about people and the good they all could offer. We each have a gift, it just takes unleashing the power you own. We can change our situations around if we apply it.
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